Shirou Atazuki
Age 20

He has carefully avoided making decisions his whole life. But now, that accumulated dithering has lost him his girlfriend and may cost him much more. If he can learn first to choose and then to choose correctly, he is able to find friends, love, a future.

Pharmacy Purchasing Staff

Aoi Yamada
Age:  19

Fun and impulsive, Aoi is definitely an “act first, think later” person.  Raised in a Nagasaki dojo owned by her grandparents, she loved to play but hated school.  After taking her Grandfather’s advice for a wanderjahr between high school and college, she decides to attend Hakko Ichiu Technical College after meeting a friend for lunch in that town.  For expenses, she takes a job as a Pharmacy Purchasing Tech at the attached Teaching Hospital. 

She was taught to write poetry from her friend in London and enjoys going on walks… very long walks.

Rimu Shizuoka
Age: 20

Moving with her family to Nabato city after her father took over a grocery store there, Rimu enters the Fifth Grade in mid term and finds herself sitting next to Shirou Atazuki. After beating him up from his teasing of her, they become fast friends… even if she kept on beating him up. 

Her father expects her to learn more and more about the grocery and eventually succeed him. She loathes the idea and wants instead to be a professional artist, a mangaka, with her own studio.

To save money and to teach her managerial skills, her father – having forbidden discussion about manga – sends her to a local college. To spite her father, she takes a support job at the college’s Teaching Hospital rather than spending her off hours in the Produce aisle.

Aris Kaguya
Age: appears about 24

‘A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma.’ 

Foreign; and tall! But also graceful and powerful. An odd woman who’s tendency to complete other’s sentences is annoying, but her habit on starting them is downright strange. She claims to have been ‘on assignment’ for 143 days… whatever that may mean. Seemingly more interested to converse with the voices in her head, she is initially aloof towards Shirou, yet at time same time, fiercely loyal and kind to her friends.

We know very little about her, beyond her interest in PSP games and shouchu. As Aoi dismissively waves, “Mysterious girls are mysterious.”

Name: Atti Gaetsuri
Age: 26

Let her speak for herself: ‘I am Atti Gaetsuri. Female. 24 years old. I was born and raised in an insignificant village in northern Hokkaido. I completed High School, with honors. I completed college in Sapporo with a degree in Accounting, with honors. I have always known what I want and what to do. I am our culture’s ideal of intelligence, training, self-control, reason and precision. After graduating college, I accompanied three friends for a dive trip on Okinawa. Since then, my life has never been the same.’

Just over two years later, a widow with a two-year-old daughter, Atti strives to put the shattered pieces of her life back together. “Professional” at work, “loving” for her daughter, and a lost soul in the quiet of the night.