Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OTChi Kocchi PRICE CUT!-Now only $4.99!

The folks at 3-AR Studios have slashed the price of the Visual Novel "OTChi Kocchi." You can now get the game here for $4.99! That's right, 20 secondary characters and 18 possible endings all for $4.99.
Here are some of the reviews about the Visual Novel:
"This is a really well done work, the writing, the art - everything about it - and for those of you out there who have not yet experienced it; it is well worth your time!"-Phillip, Lemmasoft Forums
"It held my attention so well that I stayed up late and got through it in one sitting."-Chris B.
"I enjoyed it very much and will certainly recommend it to others."Jordan T.
"Everything about it; art, story, etc is very professionally done. My hat is off to the team for a job well done!"Don. E 


The story follows Shirou Atazuki, a dithering college student who has constantly avoided making solid life decisions, Shirou has lost his girlfriend, is suffering from flagging grades, and is at a loss at where to go with his life. Following a counselor's suggestion, he takes a part-time job in the pharmacy department at the attached teaching hospital, quickly bringing him into contact with an array of unconventional colleagues. Depending on his choices, he may continue to idly skate through his existence, or seize the opportunity to pursue a new relationship and finally take decisive control of his life.
  • Additionally, the two spin-off games, Chibi Kocchi and Noda+Naruko's Naughty Nights, have been price-reduced as well. They are now $0.99 each and can be found here!
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