Friday, August 22, 2014

Tomorrow Nights PP Presentation-Take a Look!

HERE is the full PP presentation with many pertinent points and tips to get you off the ground during your Visual Novels. The presentation will go for about 2.5 hours, + whatever time is spent at the bar afterward with panel-goers, so this is an abridged version. We hope to have the video up soon after the presentation tomorrow night. 
You can always email us directly and we can definitely help you if you get stuck at a crossways. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making Visual Novels: From Concepts to Sales-a Preview

A preview of the upcoming panel on Saturday 8/23 @7pm, Panel III Taft B. We go through everything from writing, coding, images, software needed, and promotions and sales. 
The panel has evolved over the past three years into a 2hr event that is attended by an average of 75-100 members seeking information about creating a visual novel independently. 
Here is a preview of the presentation:

Attend if you can and we hope to see you there!Also, check out our new Wordpress website here.