Thursday, June 20, 2013

Colleagues and Competition

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I see that Fred Gallagher, of MegaTokyo fame, is now in the Visual Novel business.

Good for him!  I and my wife have had the chance to meet him and his wife at several animecons, and they are wonderful people!  As Fred already has an established fan-base, his KickStarter project took off rather explosively. 

I sincerely hope this goes well for him; the OELVN market in the US is only in its toddler stage, so rather than viewing Fred as some interloper to be destroyed, I very much welcome his work, and hope we can all work together to bring our stories in this new media to all of you.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unlimited Fork Works

At 1900 Eastern Daylight, on D + 2, 2013 ARSH, it would seem I finished the script for Aris' path.  About 12,000 words... lots of those menus and pointy things... can you tell I'm tired?  I've Will checking it for "lecturing," after which I'll go back through all four of them for editing.

After that, there's some locals and remotes I want to farm it out to for re-checking.

Then, I start coding. 

Living under the gun of the first anniversary of the release of the inspirational Katawa Shoujo was a tremendous motivator.  While our original release date for the full version of OK was Halloween of this year, we have revised that to the last week of August.  Two months less.

I think we can do it.  I've seen the line drawings of the illustrations... I was so psyched after that my blood pressure was around 190/90.  There is some serious awesome coming y'alls' way.

I've been very pleased to read that not only is he not dead, but Fred Gallagher is working on a VN for his MegaTokyo series.  It's nice to stand in the company of giants.

Ten months of my life... a story of almost 100,000 words.  Thousands of lines of code.  Hundreds of stunning (if retro) images.  All of this with Day Job (Pharmacy) and Evening Job (Dad).  Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support!

"God bless us; there's none like us."