Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aoi... Love Plus

Am I trolling the bots with this post title?  Me?

I knew I'd gone through her script too fast.  I'd even made notes such as: #fill this out later!
I guess I was having too much fun with her.  Now, after a meeting with Will and a few additions... about another 3500 words, I think Aoi's finished.

The middle's a little more fun, if that's possible.  I bring back some more old faces:  Noda, from 2nd Shift, and Naughty Nurse Naruko, from Any Shaft.  The ending got a bit darker; to clarify things, I had to find out what happened to Aoi's mom.  And a throw-away line from Aya is a great segue for me to start writing Aris' script.

Off today and tomorrow.  Spent the morning editing and coding one of Will's spin-off VN's.  I'd love to talk about it, but it's mostly his work, so I'll leave it there. 

So, now I step away from Aoi, right into Phlegethon.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Running On Empty

And, that's largely it for Aoi.  Shorter, like I thought, and a bit more like a kinetic novel.  Around 12,000 words, 3 menus, 1 points test.  Things happen fast with her!  There are a couple of little scenes I'll flesh out more when I've seen the illustrations, but I think I can stick a knife fork in her, too.

I must say, this was much, much easier than the other two.  Not just because of this being Writing Retreat Week (which ends today), but I think also due to tone.  Sure, there are two bad ends (one of which hurt to write), but Aoi is a happy, loving and loveable person.  There was no 'angst about my future' with Rimu or 'angst about my past' with Atti.  Maybe it's just easier to write happy things?  I've no idea.

Turning to Aris' story should be interesting then.  Not at all angsty, just violent, dark.  More new people to play with:  Felicks, Mnemosyne, Henry, with special guest appearance by Aoi.  She really steps in it. <rim shot>

In-laws coming over in 90 minutes.  Better start drinking.

Oh:  it's Memorial Day here in the 'States.  My sincerest thanks to all who've served in our Legions; you're all the best!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's that in the road? A head?

Just looked over my Aoi notes from some months back.  This should go pretty fast.  Not only are the notes more detailed, by way of the story, not so much direction, but her and Aris' stories are much shorter.  Knowing for a fact that you're planning a sequel gives The Writer much needed breathing space.

It's not as if I'm going to be cheating anyone of story... far from it, in fact; the way Aoi's story developed (thanks for the kick in the head, Will!) means that the seven pages I'd originally hand-written into the aforementioned sequel, "Aoi's Gone!" are now largely integrated into her OK story.  Will's idea, again, and it makes good sense:  in Rimu's path there are the unique characters of Jun and Izumi; in Atti's, it's Mitch and Will (not that Will, another one).  My first pass with Aoi had no-one like that; so, after that kick in the head, I pulled Aoi's friend, Aya (what is it with all these "A" names???) forward from her manga prequel, and back from being the central character in the sequel.

Aya's an interesting person, and much like kudzu in the lawn, could take over if I'm not careful; imagine a Lawful Good Evangeline A.K. McDowell... who likes to drive on the M6 in the UK at 150 kph, specializes in information-magic, and is fanatically loyal to Logres.

So, not so much lots of exposition, but lots of travel:  east to the beach, north to Hokkaido, south to Aoi's home in Nagasaki.  Poor, bewildered Shirou... lost in the Blind Spot.

"If you puke on me, I'm leaving you nowhere!" Aoi shouts.

But who is the mysterious man in the shadows following?  Why does Aris hunt him?  Is this all good fun, or, after breaking too many rules of those living The Life, will it all end in a bloodbath?


I took this week off my day job to work on what's really important.  That is, all those things my wife wants done around the house.

But, when she goes off to work and the girls are in school, screw that!  It's writing time!

So, I am pleased to announce the completion of Atti's script.  19,000 words, nine menus, six points tests.  Much darker than Rimu's story, but with many pleasant moments as well.  I very much enjoyed getting to know Atti's friends, Mitch and Will.  And what a sex drive that woman has!  Act 4 was longer than I'd anticipated, but Act 5 was short, and wrapped everything up nicely.  If the player makes it that far, of course.

The writing was easier; like anything else, the more you do it....  Maybe I need to take another week off?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Status... now with more Screw-up!

About halfway through Atti's Act III; writing in fits and starts:  there's been too much RealLife(TM) crap this week, and it's starting to affect me.  To solve some of that, after working my crappy day job this weekend, I'm taking nine days off... to write and do whatever my wife tells me to do.

Some mixed news from this afternoon:

On the first hand, I made some changes to Act I for the final game; it's back in 'developer mode' and changed the coding about the points system and who you can select at the end.
On the second hand, I tried plugging in Rimu's A2S1... it's missing art, of course, but the thing actually ran!  I guess I do remember how to do some of this!
But, on the gripping hand, I was so enthused about all this that I totally forgot to pick up Daughter #1 after Strings Practice at school.  Ack!  And that made her late for swim team, too.

Thanks for the pageviews here, and please keep telling your friends and enemies about us!  The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!

Friday, May 3, 2013

"The Three Faces of Atti"

At least that's the echo I get from what Shirou sees during that first dinner over at Atti's place.  Scenes 1 & 2 of Act 2 are complete.  Two more Scenes to go, then two more Acts... although her Act 4 is relatively (for me) short.

I know it's the weekend and Will has RealLife(TM) stuff to deal with, but I'm hoping he takes a look at this.  He actually knows military widows and much of what I wrote over the past two days is based on my interviewing him.  I'm hoping I got it correct.

*chuckle* I do which he'd do a background scene of when Atti unexpectedly kisses Aris on the mouth... my mental image of that is hilarious.

And Yuki does not like orange vegetables.  No sir.

Stick a Fork in Rimu

Done script is done.  Mostly.

Six days ago completed the script for Rimu's complete arc, acts 2-4. It's got about 2/3 of the code already imbedded. Right now, it's 19,500 words, but I'm sure I'll edit that down by at least 10-15%. There are six menus, and at least nine times where a flag/points check occurs.* Unlike Act I, where you're getting to know all four characters, I was surprised how much more difficult it was to focus onto a single woman. I hope the next three go faster.

Atti's story is next, then Aoi, then Aris. Will was concerned that Aris' story would be 50k+ words, given her enormous history and my bad tendency to lecture, but I'm thinking to push the complicated Secondary World stuff into Aris and Aoi's sequels.

*And I've thought of where to add one last point check... creating a 'Neutral End.'