Monday, March 25, 2013

End of the Beginning

     Plot notes for all four paths are complete.  Unlike the free-range writing of Act I, neither I nor Will wanted to wait six months and 200,000 words for me to figure out how these stories ended up.  Thus, I've at least structure and some dialog to guide me towards a Good End and maybe a new True or Neutral Ends.  Bad Ends?  Humans are fragile, watery things... death is easy; I'll write those on the fly.

     I note that Will is giving out a taste in the post below (and boy would I like to be tasting them!) so allow me as well....

Rimu's Path -- "Drawn Together"
   At lunch with Shirou one afternoon, Rimu looks about at everyone with their tablets and smartphones and wonders, is print-manga a thing of the past?  Or, even if it's not, how to break out of the publishing paradigm.  Will Shirou support her?  What about Izumi and Jun in her drawing circle?  And if her father finds out she's still set her heart on drawing AND wants to turn the world upside-down, will she be under house-arrest?

Atti's Path -- "Shattered Glass"
   Dating an older woman!  Who, once she has a man back in her life -- and bed -- takes full advantage.  But are there too many cultural hurdles?  She's from Hokkaido and her friends are Americans from Okinawa... and when little Yuki starts to call Shirou "Dad," has Atti betrayed the memory of her late husband?  Will Shirou help her open or heart, or does she remain a broken soul in the small hours of the night?

Aris' Path -- "Shadowlands"
   Aris knows her time to train Shirou's body and mind to where he just might survive what's coming is short... very short considering the bloody fight that ensues the next evening.  But even Aoi's curious:  "Are you two dating?"  Shirou thinks to himself, 'If you consider getting the crap beat out of me and carrying dead bodies dating, yeah, sure.' 
   Any fight is decided in the minds of the opponents before a blow is struck.  Will Shirou learn this and learn to place his trust in Aris... in time?
   Too bad about Aoi, though.

Aoi's Path -- "Stepping Out"
   [I've more dialog written for this than any other... she just wont shut up!  But I learned so much about her... OK, she is flighty and child-like, but there's a good brain there, and the beginning of wisdom.]
   An idle conversation, an unexpected visitor, and a sudden desire to find someone lost to her.  Aoi grabs Shirou and races about Japan, trying before too late to find clues as to her missing father.  Lost cell phones, foreign documents, hidden pictures... and betrayal.  Behind it all, a shadowy figure watches.
   "Just think of it, Shirou!" Aoi says:  "You, me, and Aya on the loose in London, winters in Okinawa with Atti and her gaijin friends, impromptu trips to visit Aris wherever she's killing people!"

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ideas... cross-overs...

   Caffeine... alcohol... and playing with ideas.  Of the many things that inspire me, one of them was and is, obviously, Katawa Shoujo.

   One of the characters there had something major happen to her half a lifetime ago; it suddenly hit me:  dear God, what did Aris do?!?