Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nose: Grindstone

    Back at it; writing that is.  Trying things a little different than Act I:  taking the time to write "plot notes," or a very loose outline of each character's path.  If any stray bits of dialogue sound good, Ijot those down.  But, it's mostly the plot branches, menus, choices and the like.

   Once I sit down with the right mental attitude -- and coffee or alcohol -- the interactions will take care of themselves... usually.

   Yesterday was six hours and 8 cups of coffee only to slam against a wall:  how in the Hell do women think?  So, break out the big guns:  I asked my wife.  I outline Atti's situation and the drama into which both she and Shirou were cornered.  Not really knowing how the female species thinks, I asked what a guy should say to provoke a Good End, and what would guarantee a Bad?  She had to explain it twice, but about 45 minutes later, it's all good.

   Atti's plot notes are complete.  Rimu next.

   "I could have conquered all of Europe, but I had women in my life."  -- Henry II Plantagenet.