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Monday, June 9, 2014

OTChi Kocchi

OTChi Kochi is still going strong! Tell some folks about it and feel free to purchase yourself. OR grab the Free Demo!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ohayocon 2014

Exhausted.  Retail sales is too much like work, even if it's your own product!  Nonetheless, it was a very good time.  After an initial shaky start resulting from being stupid with our booth layout, things improved quickly.

We'd ours and Will's graphic novels on one side, and our VNs on the other.  Poster images to catch the eye as people walk by, and a laptop for anyone to take as much time as they wanted to look at the game.

We also hosted a Panel on Saturday night, "Making and Marketing a Visual Novel."  Similar to the one we had at Matsuricon last August, we fortunately had 90 minutes rather than 60 and could thus interact much more with the audience.  We all had a much better time, and I hope everyone left well  informed.

Our next act?  I've no idea; I'm writing the script for a six volume graphic novel in the image above; with the script at least done by the end of January.  The latter half of Aoi's sequel script to go, and so far nothing done on writing and coding Aris' VN sequel...even though I'm supposed to have that complete by mid-April.  Will's still trying to kill me.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Looming Deadline...Ohayocon 2014!

In just over a fortnight Ohayocon 2014 shall open.  The largest animecon in central Ohio.  For two years, I was an attendee; last year, I hosted a panel with Will about Visual Novels.  This year, another panel (you can guess the subject), but, more awesomely:  3-AR Studios LLC has a booth in the Dealers Room!  Booth #50!

With little time, we are getting together not only copies of the games, but also a graphic novel we've created and as much merchandize as we can have fabbed in the time remaining.  It's going to be a close-run thing, but I hope and pray that this works out for both us and the new customers and fans we hope to make!

A TV Tropes Page: Huzzah!

A heart-felt "thank you" goes out to our fan Jordan for putting together this page that discusses some of the tropes that he's found - so far - in OTChi Kocchi.

I'm sure that there are many more lurking in those 80,000 words....

Thanks again, Jordan!  Good luck with your classes!

Friday, October 25, 2013

"OK! Dinner!" (a free spin-off of the OKaverse!)

Stupid writer is stupid, as is explained in the first section of a post here.  Nonetheless, once I removed my head from my nether region, I've put together a short reunion of the four main characters from OTChi Kocchi.  Seriously, how could Shirou forget his dinner plans?!  That's almost as dumb as me just leaving all this great art laying around unused...yeah...never mind.

Please enjoy this little effort, and look forward to another free short from the OKaverse within the week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Completion of OTChi Kocchi

“Thank you for supporting 3-AR Studios over the last year! We are excited to announce have reached a point of completion for the entire first game! We encourage current fans to continue Shirou's adventure's with the girls of OTChi Kocchi! The game has been priced at only $10. With 21 endings to discover and over 20 characters to interact with, the world of OTChi Kocchi has expanded beautifully.

The game can be downloaded here.

Feel free to post any reviews to your personal and/or business blogs. We ask that you provide a link to  
 We hope to have merchandise up on the site quite soon. Currently there are two spin-off games available: "Chibi Kocchi" and "Noda+Naruko's Naughty Nights". (The latter being 18+)
We will keep you guys informed on future enhancements or side products related to OTChi Kocchi here. Any new ventures by 3-AR will be documented on it's official site here
We are off to roll out the official release at Ohio's own Matsuricon this weekend in a panel titled: "Making and Marketing a Visual Novel: Our Experience."  Thanks again for all of the support and feedback. We couldn't of done this without you all! " 


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Three Days...

...until our go-live.  If everything works, of course.  Main game release, two spin-offs, complete reworking of our main website.

And, for anyone in Central Ohio, we'll be presenting "Making and Marketing a Visual Novel" from 1600-1700 at Matsuricon at the Columbus Convention Center this Saturday!

Three days.